Mostar official Spot! Chima - Ausflug ins Blaue


Here's an official video clip it was filmed in Bosnia Hercegovina and Croatia.
The singer called Chimaobinna Enyiakanwanne Onyele aka CHIMA
with the song title "excursion into the blue."
Chima is a German / Nigerian pop & soul singer.
The video spot was made in our city MOSTAR the waterfalls of Kravice and a part of Croatia.

Chima was this week in order to Bosien and Croatia in a breathtaking setting the video for the upcoming single "trip into the blue" veer. Under the aegis of Felix Urbauer - who signed recently responsible for the video for "Purple Clouds" by Yasha, materiality and Miss Platnum - The clip is recorded with the production company and Easydoesit in the Balkans.
Look forward to an interesting story. Amazing scenery and spectacular camera shots Chima itself is thrilled.

Quelle:Chima's Homepage